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Thursday, July 18, 2013




Ugh!  These blocks finish at 2 inches and as you can see by my first four attempts, it was not as simple as just piecing together!  For attempt #1, I forgot to trim to size - but it didn't really matter - just look at those HST and I put the basket together wrong! Yuk!   Attempt 2,  Ditto!  I did not learn from my mistake.  Attempt 3, my machine was hungry - and started to eat the fabric - but no matter I still didn't get the HST right.  At last I pieced the basket correctly, if not accurately.  And Attempt 4 - okay, marginally better - but again, accuracy sucks!

Finally!  Now we're getting somewhere!
Attempt #5

Attempt #6


Did anyone else have as much trouble piecing these teeny, tiny blocks?

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