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Sunday, June 19, 2011


Wow! Sometimes we just can't catch a break!

So my aunt has recovered and I have been spending every second of free time working on the house for the twins.  Now, my dad's wife is very sick and my dad, who has advanced stage Alzheimer's, is in assisted living while his wife is in the hospital.  It's taken the specialists over two weeks to figure out what is wrong with Dad's wife and they still haven't decided how to treat her or what her prognosis is.  And my dad is so confused!  My brother will be taking dad to his house to live on July 1st so that should help some...we shall see.  They all live three hours away and that throws in an added complication. So dear sweet hubby has taken the trip up and back in a day with me to visit dad and his wife.

So needless to say...I haven't seen my sewing machine in over a month and at the rate life is moving, not sure when I will again.

Pray for my family...Please.

And Happy Father's Day to:
        Dear Sweet Hubby!
        Best father-in-law!
        Best Daddy ever!
and all the other dads out there!