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Monday, January 30, 2012

My Cabby...

The cabby being towed home.
 Sweet Hubby sent me some pics of the cabby
 This is the piston. Sweet Hubby says that the dark marks are where the metal got scratched.   If you could touch it, you could feel how deep the grooves are.

 Sweet Hubby says I should keep it as a paper-weight.

The is the head gasket cover from my old engine - on the new engine...isn't it pretty? Love that green!

Old Engine Out

New Engine In

Once again - Drum Roll Please - The engine is in and it runs!  Sweet Hubby wants to take it for a test run before he turns it over to me...hopefully, I'll have my poor little cabby back by the weekend!


Saturday, January 21, 2012

January Already?

Wow!  I cannot believe it!  It seems the older I get, the faster time flies!

So Christmas snuck up on me and somehow I managed to get everything done and what a wonderful Christmas it was!  My Dad is living with my brother and his family now and I think this was the first Christmas that we spent all together in 15 years.  The twins and Sweet Hubby's family was also there.  It was wonderful!  I cried.

So now it's January!  And guess what?  I cooked the engine in my sweet little cabby!  Ohhhhhhh, Sweet Hubby is really gonna kill me now!  But, being the Sweet Hubby that he is, he just said he was planning on an engine swap in the spring anyway.  So, he finds an engine, drives 7 hours round trip to Massachusetts, picks up my "new" used engine and starts ordering parts.  He then towed my little cabby, in a snow squall, to his place of employment over an hour away and it ended up taking like 4 1/2 hours round trip.  And now, he's been staying late to work on the cabby.  Honestly -- I'd want to kill me for this!  Dare I ask for pictures to post?  Ummmm.....maybe.....he is a Sweet Hubby.

And so, the greatest daddy-in-law ever came to the rescue and has lent me his car until the cabby is fixed!

And what about my dear old friend?  Well, I did do a little sewing for Christmas but never managed a completion!  I haven't sat with her since before Christmas and I really miss her!  Hopefully soon we can sit down together and catch up!  Until then...