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Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Space

I'd thought I'd post a bit about my space.  It is not very attractive.  And at times, it's not very bright.  But it's my space and I love it!  My space is located in my unfinished basement.  Unfinished in that the walls are cinder block, the floor is cement and access to the basement is through the garage (which is attached to the house).

Sweet Hubby picked up some slat board (for free) and hung it on the walls so there is plenty of space for my stuff.  Sweet Hubby also made two "work benches" for my space.  I store everything in bins.  (Sweet Hubby has a workshop down there too and everything gets very dusty from the lathe.) My stash is stored in bins on shelves.  Scrapbooking and other assorted supplies are stored in larger bins under the work tables.  Fabric and scrapbooking stuff is easy to locate - the bins are clear.  Other stuff, not so simple - the bins are big and and not see-through.  So when I'm looking for something, I have to pull out one of these monster bins and start digging.  I really need to label the bins with the contents but that could take forever.  I think the next time I go searching, I'll make a list and label the bin.

There's also a small (child size) table and chairs down there for my youngest to do "craft projects" while I sew.

It can get pretty messy - especially if I'm working on a project - but I manage to clean it up before I start the next project.  Sometimes, Sweet Hubby takes over my space (when he's working on my cabby or a house project) and then I'm stuck because I don't know what to do with his stuff.

My goal is to organize the entire basement!  And if you saw the basement, you would see that this is not an easy goal to accomplish!  And, when (if) I reach that goal, I might just be brave enough to post some pics!