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Saturday, April 9, 2011


Wow!  Life can be so crazy!  So I've been quiet for a few weeks with good reason. First, a little background...I have two mother is an identical twin. She and her twin have lived together (and worked together) their entire lives.  They've been in the same house for nearly 50 years!  They live south of me and it's about a 30 minute drive.  They have never driven to my house - they only drive locally.  So last year, my mother had some health issues.  She kept going to the emergency room and they kept sending her home.  The problem was that by the time she got to the hospital, her blood pressure was sky high and everyone focused on that and ignored her chief complaint.  She was hospitalized twice - once in June, and once in July.  Fortunately, they figured it out and my mother is back to her old self.  But while mom was sick, Auntie had to do everything until I could get down there. Did I mention that they are 80 years old?

Soooooo, after all that, they decided it was time to sell their house and move closer to me.  That was the easy part.  A neighbor's daughter and son-in-law bought it and we didn't even have to list it.  We found a smaller, level (no stairs) house right around the corner from me.  (They did not want an apartment or senior housing). 80 year old aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer.  The prognosis was really good - stage 0, lumpectomy and she's good to go.  Not so - still stage 0 - but now she needed a masectomy.  Oh boy...She had the masectomy on March 29th and came out like a champ - God Bless Her!  And even better news - they got everything and she's okay - no chemo or anything - Thank You God!

Meanwhile, we get word on March 27th, that the buyers must close on the house by April 10th! Are you kidding me?!  We haven't even started packing!  And remember - they've lived in that house for 50 years! Well, I've been packing and tossing and donating like crazy.  We closed on both houses on Thursday and the buyer gave us until Monday (the earliest we could get a mover) to clean out the house.  So this weekend, I'm heading down to finish up.

Despite this, I did manage to spend a little time in therapy - I finished one quilt completely and machine quilted another!  So I have to attach the binding on Quilt #2 and sandwich, quilt and bind quilts # 3 and 4.

I also have to paint and decorate my mothers (as in two) house!  Hopefully I'll remember to post before and after pics!

Wish me luck and say a prayer for Auntie!

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