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Saturday, March 19, 2011

I was just thinking...

So...I was just thinking...Maybe I should explain my title.

First, bits and pieces.  Bits and Pieces of what, you might ask.  Bits and pieces of fabric...and life.  Maybe that's why I love take all these little pieces of fabric and put them together and what do you have?  Something beautiful...or scary...or happy...or sad.  Life's like that too, don't ya think? 

Now for the UFO part...well, I love to piece quilts together.  Actually quilting them - not a fan.  So I've got a bunch of quilts that I need to finish and I'm hoping that this blog will actually help me get them done.  I know, I know...that makes no sense!  But if I think someone is actually waiting for one of these quilts, I will get it done.  Hopefully sooner than eventually.


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