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Friday, November 7, 2014

Swoon Blanche Barrel Bag

This is the smallest version of the Swoon Blanche Barrel Bag.  I purchased the pattern on Craftsy over the summer but only completed it a few days ago.  Since this was only the second bag I've ever made, I read, and re-read the directions multiple times. The pattern was straight forward but I did rely on a You tube video for the inside zipper pocket.  I also added two slip pockets on the the inside.  And I ended up using premade piping (which felt a little smallish) because the piping I made kept wrinkling and twisting.  I have no idea what I was doing wrong and after multiple frustrating attempts, I gave up and purchased piping. I think I will change out the straps at a later date.  I'd like to use polyester webbing with the existing straps sewn over it for a sturdier feel.

I can't wait to try another bag!



  1. What a beautiful bag! My brain tends to go blank when I start considering a bag pattern It just overwhelms me :(