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Monday, February 3, 2014

Farmer's Wife Quilt

I've been dying to get this book for ages and I finally broke down and got it.  The book came Saturday and since then I've been reading the letters and planning how I'm going to tackle this project.  I've decided I'm going to follow the block layout in the book, completing one row at a time, starting with the longest row.  Since the blocks are set on point, the rows are on the diagonal.  I've numbered each row, and then numbered my blocks accordingly.  So thihs is how I'm tracking it:
This probably seems confusing but it makes sense to me.  The numbers on the left are the template numbers.  I cross off the templates I print as I need them.  I had actually started to print them all but there's only one template per page and that was just too wasteful for me!  The numbers on the right are the block numbers and the colored numbers are the order that I need to make the blocks.  So Block number one will be the 79th block I make.  Since the setting is on the diagonal, I'm sewing the rows as I numbered them and choosing fabrics as I go along.  I hope that this method will give me a nice balance of colors in the end and I won't lose my mind shifting blocks around.  I'm using solid white for the sashing and plan on using solid red  for the cornerstones.  I haven't decided what I'm going to do for the setting triangles. 

I would love to have all the blocks pieced in six months.  That averages four to five blocks per week.  Seems manageable, right?  We'll see.  We know how life can get in the way of the best laid plans...

So for now, I leave you with:
Block #85

Block #15

Block #40

Block #53
Block #104

Block #55
Block #90   

Block #100Cheers!

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